Job search: Carribean winter 2010

CockpitSeeker in the Carribean
Duration: 8h straight to the Guadeloupe island (FWI)
CockpitSeeker in the FWI
(Click to zoom)

A. In Guadeloupe the companies visited were:

  • Air Caraïbes you can reach their offices in ‘les Abymes, 97181’
  • Air Antilles Express their offices are visible from the end of the RWY11 (Aeroport Pôle Caraibe)
  • FedEx I found only their parcel-deposit/retrieval office…

B. In Saint Barthelemy the companies visited were:

  • Commuter
  • Winair you can’t miss them

C. In Saint Martin the companies visited were:

  • Liat note: depending on the company you can either land on the french airport, ‘Grand Caz’, or in the netherland one, ‘Juliana’, the latter being where are based all the companies offices, where you want to go (rent a car). By the way if you’re coureagous enough, Liat’s main office is in Antigua…
  • Winair Winair again (in Juliana).
  • FedEx my regret, I couldn’t do it timewisely, but I saw their offices a couple of miles before Juliana’s airport, on your right before ‘the bridge’ when you come from east…

On a leisure flight to Martinique (Island not shown on the map above, situated south of Guadeloupe and even south of the Dominique island) I met at the airport a pilot who gave me his card.
He’s from a small company based in Suriname and soon to have another base in Sainte-Lucie as they fly near this area.
Here’s the card if anyone is interested!

Answers received: one!

Here it is!
(For those who can’t read french, the answer is ‘no’).

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