• FAA lowers requirements on pilot experience

    …brokers […] are only waiting for the hour threshold to drop to bridge a bigger gap between pilots’ curriculum and airlines’ expectations… for a profit!

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  • Pay-to-fly: COVID style

    …what was once “bad” became “worse”, what was once “simple” became “complicated” and what was once “affordable” became “unreachable”.

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  • Livre : ‘L’armée de l’Air et son jargon’ !

    C’est parce que nous aidons les aspirants pilotes aux sélections de l’armée depuis 2010, que naturellement nous appuyons cette initiative…

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  • Brookfield – “Would you work for free?”

    Infamously known as a front for pay-to-fly with then-client Ryanair, as we explained back in 2015, flight crew leasing company Brookfield Aviation International is back at the forefront of our attention for all the wrong reasons again. There will NEVER be a better time… With the world that grinded to a grisly halt following the outbreak of the coronavirus and associated government responses across the globe, the aviation sector is scrambling to restructure in its wake, given indicators such as the global airline index are pointing towards valuations back to 2012 levels, or said otherwise, 8 years of growth erased…

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