ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot Licence

ATPL stands for Airline Transport Pilot Licence, it is made of:

  • the theoretical ATPL, the 14 certificates or modules that cover the knowledge expected from a pro pilot.
  • the practical ATPL that involves the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), the Instrument Rating (IR) reaching 1500h of flight (without which you remain “frozen ATPL”).

You can make the difference between ATPL(A) (for airplanes) and ATPL(H) (helicopters).

Even though we’re giving below the JAA learning objectives (or LOs – administrative & guidance material) with their syllabius references for both, we’ll subsequently deal with ATPL(A) only.

We can’t tell how long it will take to implement all this but we already have enough material to start displaying.

Any comments, suggestions or contribution (doc-wise) is more than welcome!

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