Atypical EMPL – 1 year and a half later

ECA – atypical employment in aviation

We witnessed first hand and covered the exposure of Ghent University’s work to the European Parliament back in May 2015, however we also intended to cover the February 12-13th ECA conference that occurred beforehand (picture above) on Atypical Employment. Given the cheer amount of information to process at the time, today we will lay back and offer instead a list of notable worldwide articles that were influenced by said conference and, most importantly, the Ghent University study.

Spreading awareness

For future reference and research purposes, there goes a non-exhaustive list of subsequent articles, triggered by Yves Jorens’ team, IRIS director and Ghent University author of the atypical employment study.

Articles marked with an X are more geared towards P2F specifically

To be updated as new articles arise.

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