AeroX – “p2f” gel

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You intend to pay-to-fly as a pro pilot in the worldwide market…

…but you already have a 100k€ (training) loan and fear going deeper into debt for the next 15 years self-sponsoring your Type Rating and Line Training ?

Fear no more. Just like the FTL, the EASA heard you! Exceeding your expectations and avoiding unnecessary regulatory burden in one go, the answer came:


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 22 cm
Safety first

Made of "Aviation grade" lubricant fluids, AeroX™ will give you the confidence to enjoy your pay-to-fly experience in all safety, ensuring your financial concerns remain consequence-free on your flying decision-making process.

Multi purpose

Given the financial (im)balance of most p2f pilots, AeroX™ is also eatable, drinkable, usable as car fuel, engine coolant, shaving cream, after-shave, toothpaste and comes in 3 different flavours: peach, strawberry and ginger.


AeroX™ comes free with your first line training experience (provided it exceeds €80,000 -VAT excluded-) and can be requested to any p2f EASA approved AOC holders (Air Operator Certificates).


While one drop of AeroX™ can withstand the abuse of most p2f perpetrators for days, it is recommended to apply AeroX™ generously and more frequently while p2f-ing in excess of 50k€ or 800 block hours.

1 review for AeroX – “p2f” gel

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  2. John Smith

    Wao! This product was a big relief. I passed it to my Daddy that paid for my loans and the financial pressure eased away! Eagle Jet (with Estonian Air) didn’t spare my anus, but AeroX was there for me.
    Thank you EASA!

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