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Agricultural Pilots, Cropdusters Pty Ltd
All types of Ag applications, various locations throughout Australia as required
Exp: Experienced Ag Pilots that can actually fly, not just have a piece of paper that says they can – Tail dragger experience essential, recent application experience preferred
Apply to: Sheryl Keen 0400418052 all hours

Seeking pilots with Ag experience.

  • NO egos,
  • NO Cowboys,
  • NO throttle bashers,
  • NO know it alls,
  • NO Nutcases,
  • NO Freeloaders,
  • NO nasty types,
  • NO whingers,
  • NO slackers,
  • NO liars,
  • NO hidden agendas,
  • NO opportunists.

Must be team players,

  • of sober habits,
  • honest in all respects,
  • professional in all regards,
  • able to give, take and carry out instructions,
  • be accountable,
  • reliable and responsible,
  • able to keep good records,
  • able to clearly communicate on various levels.

Must understand

  • this is not a get rich industry,
  • demand can be unpredictable, so flexibility is necessary.

Must understand the aircraft is not a penis extension, it is their office in which they risk their lives daily and that correct and careful daily inspection, maintenance and operation of the aircraft helps keeps them alive.
All aspects of safety and daily care of the aircraft and equipment must be a primary concern. The promotion of Best Practice over Common Practice is expected at all times. I have had my share of bullartists, con men, weirdos and badly trained monkeys.

I want a real pilot who can work within Company Policies. Someone that does not have to be watched over to ensure they are doing the right thing. If you think youre the kind of person Im looking for I would appreciate you emailing your resume.

Contact: sheryl keen
Ph: 0400418052
Date added: 24/2/2011

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