Paying to work is fine

It is! Baltic Aviation Academy (BAA), in the lucidity of its great wisdom, blessed us today with the ultimate knowledge.

Imagine for a second you’re a professional pilot and your airline provides you with a horrendous bond program, this means you’d be forced to fly by getting paid for it… for years (dear lord, no!)!

Fear not, wage slave, for BAA found the way to give your “independence” [sic] back! To rid yourself of that mischievous “control” [sic] where your are “absolutely in their service” [sic] (oh my god)!
All you have to do is pay to work, and you will enter the realm of “luxury”, a whole new world, “choosing the airline which you would love to work for and ability to focus on the job which will bring you everyday pleasure” [sic].

Luxury, love, pleasure… and unicorn kitties. All hail the new normal!


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