IFALPA in the fight

In the recently published issue n°2, 2015 of “InterPilot“, The Safety and Technical Journal of none other than IFALPA (our International Federation of Air Line Pilot’s Associations), must-read elements were showcased!

Aviation related issues were brought “to the top” thanks to the ECA sustained efforts in spreading the study carried out on behalf of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Civil Aviation by the University of Ghent (Belgium) and funded by the European Commission!

Why of course this includes “pay to fly“!


We quote: “Next Generation Pilots Pay-to-Fly”.
Where have we heard that again? Oh that’s right, during the ECA conference (last 12-13 february, where we stood up):

P2F perpetrators bring it on. We have plenty more where that came from.

Source: http://www.ifalpa.org/publications/interpilot-magazine

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