Pilots under pressure: retaliation exposed

The document below is the indeniable evidence why pilots might in some case not report biased practices in the aviation sector. More specifically here, pilots that pay to work.

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As was known to us since august 2014 and confirmed by the March 11, 2015 Norwegian NRK report (that we translated here), Cyprus based Pilot Management Services indeed works hand in hand with Lithuanian Small Planet Airlines to provide a hefty mandatory loan (35,000€) in order for the pilot to work for them.

As a “ready-to-be-sent”, the existence of this document alone is proof pilots are threatened with their careers shall they disclose/disagree with/complain about anything that would unplease management.

Fortunately according to the EASA: “the fact that airlines make their personnel pay does not intervene in aviation safety regulation, as long as pilots are technically qualified” _source

Right… passengers worldwide can feel much safer now. What a relief!
Case closed. Or so it seems.

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