Status quo: 1 – Safety: 0

In the ongoing war against (bogus) atypical employment in aviation, a battle was lost today in the Netherlands, June 2nd 2015, day #56 of the Stop pay to fly campaign.

Following a Dutch Parliament hearing (that occurred the same day as the EP hearing on the same topic), Dutch media awareness was triggered 10 days afterwards with 6 different media outlets releasing publication simultaneously on May 17th:

The latest was the basis (explicitly referenced) for Dutch MEPs (from PvdA, CDA and Christian Union) to draft a set of 4 questions on May 22, asked by Dutch MP Martijn Van Helvert to their Government.
The answers came today from Secretary of State Mrs Wilma Mansveld (picture above), english translation below (courtesy De vervlogen droom):


While we remain confident this kind of statements won’t hurt her career (for lack of content), we find extremely challenging to quote any argument promoting the defense of the greater good. Nevertheless, we dare quote:

“Given the fact that EASA tackles this issue [p2f] appropriately […] from a safety point of view there is as yet no reason to intervene at a national level

…and since the same EASA actually made clear p2f was none of their business, there will be no reason to intervene at European level either! (their study is not yet public)

Someone please also hide this 2012 European Court of Auditors special report that unveiled the wrongful handling of potential conflict of interest at the EASA, or riots could start tomorrow.

edit June 3: apparently this is not over, new questions might arise…
edit June 23: the 2nd round of answers followed yesterday. No substantial answers so far.

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