• Brookfield – “Would you work for free?”

    Infamously known as a front for pay-to-fly with then-client Ryanair, as we explained back in 2015, flight crew leasing company Brookfield Aviation International is back at the forefront of our attention for all the wrong reasons again. There will NEVER be a better time… With the world that grinded to a grisly halt following the…

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  • Atypical Employment Survey 2.0

    It seems like yesterday, when the 1st Atypical Employment Study was relayed, triggering awareness on modern day pilots’ working conditions. By ripple effect, contractors, self-employment, temporary agency workers and pay-to-fly became terms more widely known to the general public. Pilots, it is that time again. After a few years, is atypical employment still on the…

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  • ECJ: “Stand-by time is working time”

    Two days ago February 21th 2018, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) released its ruling on case C-518/15, concerning stand-by at home. Why a fireman case in Belgium… Under local regulation, volunteer firefighter Rudy Matzak in Nivelles -Bruxelles- had to reside in a place within 8 minutes of his fire station with stand-by duty requiring…

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  • MEDIA: P2F going mainstream

    The comics Released today in the November bimonthly issue of french magazine “Piloter”, pay-to-fly gets, to our knowledge, its first dedicated professional comics highlight! Leading the charge is scenarist, photograph and comics artist Christophe Gibelin. Throughout the eight glossy pages of the booklet, glider pilot Gibelin draws a humoristic yet cringeworthy critic of aviation’s dirty…

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