• RYR – waiting for the other shoe to drop

    Not gone unnoticed, Europe’s favourite airline announced last week Sept. 16th the cancellation of up to 50 flights per day until October 31th, affecting 315,000 passengers and its own wallet for up to €20m in compensation bill. Admittedly, this brilliant move was a last-ditch effort to comply with a 4-year-coming piece of regulation improve punctuality…

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  • #EUaviation25 – P2F in Germany

    The European Commission celebrates today the 25 years of the EU Aviation Market that started June 26th 1992. It is with delight that we chime in amidst prayers of travel ever cheaper, safer and open to more people than ever before. Quotes – Here is one In a campaign exercise of quotes, ranging from European…

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  • P2F: German TV report

    Following a first report in April last year, “Das Erste” released what is to our knowledge the 2nd German TV broadcast to explain and put into context the “pay-to-fly” (p2f) phenomenon. This report also hits the mark on a wide range of previously covered topical issues including: the training expense/business, the rise of MPLs and…

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  • EP – Aviation Strategy approved

    Echoing the “Social dumping in the EU” report approved by the EP earlier in September, today Feb. 16th has been approved the “Aviation Strategy for Europe”. Though a political text (to be released) with no direct legislative value, the Parliament takes position and calls the EU Commission and Member states to take action. Vote result…

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