• Captains of the Industry

    CockpitSeeker celebrates today its 6th year anniversary! After 3 years of absence, our cartoonist is back in a color-blazing piece for the occasion: _”I wanted to try something more elaborated than usual by going satirical on European companies. Dialogue reflects many news point voracious readers will recognize. I only had to adapt Mr De Juniac’s lines since he was no longer AF-KLM CEO by the time I finished the piece! I hope the blindness and ridicule behind personnel management today will strike a chord among the deaf so everyone understands what’s at stakes here!”

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  • French National Assembly – P2F answer

    One week after the milestone of the European Parliament recognizing and willing to take action against social dumping, p2f included, the French National Assembly issued its own related answer this 20th of September, courtesy Deputé Fernand Siré: fullscreen This marks the completion of the 2014 p2f plan of attack, with the successful reaching of French politicians.

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  • Frontrunning: October 5

    “Social Dumping in the EU” report approved by the European Parliament, p2f on board (edit fev.17′: final version here)_sept.14th Three Swiss pilot unions have merged into AEROPERS – Airline Pilots Association:former AEROPERS-SwissALPA (Union of Swiss International Air Lines), IPG (Union of Swiss Global Air Lines) and EPA (Edelweiss Pilots Association)_oct.1st Layoffs:_Air Berlin, 1200 pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and ground staff dismissed_Virgin America, 225 staff members within a week_Turkish Airlines, 211_Airservices Australia, 180_Malaysia Airlines, 6000_Tunisair, 1000

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  • Condor pilot training – intimidation

    Received 2016-10-04 18:36 GMT+02:00, sent by Javier Prenafeta <>: Dear Sirs, My name is Javier Prenafeta, attorney at Abanlex, S.L.. Our law firm represents the interests of Condor Pilot, S.L. (“Condor Pilot”), an aeronautical services provider located in Spain. This letter is based on Condor Pilot’s rights and interests under international law and the laws of the United States of America and European Union. I understand you are the owner of the domain name and website, the Facebook profile available at and the Twitter account The following pages contains infringing material, as defamatory statements, personal and confidential…

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