This post was originally published on February 20th 2011, since new documents are still added, I make a duplicate to put it back to the top:


  • EU OPS (accurate at this date) download (eng) download (fr)
  • IR knowledge summary (91p) download (fr)
  • official DGAC revalidation test form download (fr)
  • Jeppesen Enroute Chart Legend (intro ONLY) download (eng)
  • IFR practices courses download (fr)
  • revalidation course guide (EPAG type) download (fr)
  • IFR nav log (EPAG type, my favourite so far ^^) download
  • IFR journey preparation (ESMA type) download (fr)


  • Visual Flight Rules (2009) download (fr)
  • VFR reminder download (fr)
  • Airspace class, ground/air, tower/air, interception signals reminder (very useful!) download (fr)
  • QNH, QFE, FL (a brief reminder) download (eng)


  • B737 500 IRS FMS (‘can’t remember where I got that!) download (fr)
  • Meteo aviation guide (*UPDATED* Meteo France file 2011-2013) download (fr)
  • G1000 manual (DA42) download
  • G1000 DA42 virtual training program download
  • GNS 430 Trainer (a program) download
  • GARMIN 400 Series Trainer (another program) download
  • Licenses validity/revalidation conditions reminder download (fr)
  • virtual log book (automatic hours counting! -courtesy B.L-) download
  • detailed log book (excel file courtesy S.G!) download
  • blank flight plan download
  • How to fill a flight plan download (fr)
  • BIA exam (full feedback, 2004 test questions + answers!) download
  • QCM for ULM test (training program – 878Q) download (fr)

(updated 18/02/2012) As usual if you have anything to share with us you know the door.

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