Choosing a Microsoft Certification Exam for Your Career Advancement

In the IT field, validating your credentials is crucial to career advancement. Earning Microsoft certifications is a fundamental aspect of most every career path in the field as well. For this reason, you’ll want to consider going after a few Microsoft certification exams during the course of your career, but knowing which one to pursue at the start is a bit challenging for some. After all, there are several certification programs offered by Microsoft and knowing which will serve you best in your career is a little confusing at times.

The best way to decide which Microsoft certification exam may be right for you is to look at the current position you hold as well as the place you’d like to achieve with your career. Selecting an exam that will immediately benefit you in your current position is a valid option. Choosing one that will also serve as a stepping stone for your career path and long term career goals is also recommended.

Strategically reviewing your options means asking yourself some key questions. First, you should determine if the exam will increase job security, earnings potential or other aspects of your current employment situation. Secondly, you should consider if the Microsoft certification exam will give you more marketable skills and make you a more attractive job candidate. No matter which certification exam from Microsoft you intend to take, you’ll want to stage yourself for success with the test by using a good exam prep service like

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