Insight: Aviation industry

After 5 years, these words are more relevant than ever, and might echo for a long time in the future.

“We face remarquable challenges in our industry.

In order to ensure economic security and an uncompromising approach of passenger safety, management must work with labor to bargain in good faith. We must find collective solutions that adress the huge economic issues we face, and recruiting and retaining the experienced and highly skilled professionals that the industry requires and that passenger safety demands. But further, we must sustain and develop an evironment in every airline and every aviation organisation, a culture that balances the competing needs of accountability and learning.

We must create and maintain the trust that is the absolutely essential element of a successful and sustainable safety reporting system to detect and correct deficiencies before they lead to an accident. We must not let the economic and financial pressures detract from our focus on constantly improving our safety measures and engaging on ongoing and comprehensive training.
In aviation, the bottom line is that the single most important piece of safety equipment is an experienced well trained pilot.

_Captain “Sully” Sulenberger,

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