Paying to work is necessary

Earlier in february, pilots were told paying to work is fine (by Baltic Aviation Academy); today July 14th, paying to work becomes “necessary” according to AviationCV.

Given it is just 4 days after the EC (European Commission) released its answers to MEP Steinruck‘s 5th of May questions (that were among the basis for the EP hearing two days afterwards) which showcased — SPOILER ALERT — no progress on the p2f issue, the timing proved perfect for AviationCV to give pilots the “Aviation Tips” we are going to need should our last resort to stop p2f fail.

For your viewing pleasure :

Source: AviationCV – “Line training for pilot: everything you need to know”

It seems that:

“Despite the opinion that line training destroys the airline pilot industry (“Pay to fly”), line training is in itself necessary. More or less [?], it’s the first step to be a pilot”.

…whereas Line “training” as per COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 965/2012 of October 5th 2012 is only part of the requirements for pilots already professional to be in “command” of an aeroplane or helicopter (ORO.FC.205 (a)(4)) and consists of “10 flight sectors, in the case of aeroplanes”, sectors that are performed on duty, carrying passengers (exploiting the airline’s network or “sectors”)!

“For sure, there was a time when airline pilot training was sponsored by the airline hiring a pilot. However, the situation has changed and only few airlines still apply this policy”.

Of course! If airlines (or intermediaries like AviationCV for that matter) have pilots pay to work and neither their elected politicians, the EASA, nor the EC care, what possibly is going to be the trend to compete with that?

“So the main information about line training programs is relevant and needful”.

…confessing pilots have barely no other choice, concluding that:

“In order to start your pilot’s career, you need to invest”.

And here we thought pilots already pay €100k for their professional licence. Fantastic.

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