010-Air law & ATC procedures


A proper introduction for this certificate is to remind you of the 010 EASA FCL’s learning objectives.

Here were the official documents regarding JARs (to be updated with the latest EASA LOs):


Given the large knowledge required for this certificate, we’re not writting a 010 english manual here. For the best preparation you can refer to the latest Oxford book that we warmly recommend. If someone was willing to publish his work, we’d gladly work toghether. Contact us.

File removed: as requested by the concerned authorities, to avoid copyright infringement, the resource http://cockpitseeker.com/wp-content/uploads/atpl/010/course/ICAO annexes & amendments (official)/ANEXO 01 – PERSONNEL LICENSING.pdf, previously available in the listing below, has been removed.

ICAO annexes & amendments (official)

Former JAR-FCL amendments (official)

Lesson per certificate section

Powerpoint lessons


010 B