Avia Solutions Group – sirens aren’t real

Already getting media attention for all the wrong reasons, one of our readers drew our attention on the Avia Solutions Group. As a reminder, the Lithuanian holding (overseeing 20 services firm) owns the largest eastern p2f cashing machine known to date:

Fake Linkedin profiles ?

Reviving Greek mythology, it seems Avia Solutions wants us to believe in Sirens, beautiful creatures luring nearby sailors pilots with enchanting commercial songs to shipwreck transfer money on the rocky coast of their island exotic bank accounts.

K. Ram, recruiter at Avia Solutions Group AB

… or the copyrighted work of Russian Milles Studio for Shutterstock ?

Eglė Žilytė, Customer relations at Avia Solutions Group

Avia Solutions admin ? A make-up model ? Or simply american writer Sarah Dorn ?

Marija Vayste ,Recruiter at Aviationcv.com

… who looks a lot like model Sydney W. Not convinced ?

Viktorija Miliute, Recruiter at Aviationcv.com

Meet Finnish model Julia Johansen for Vogue, Elite, Giorgio Armani and Chanel Couture.

Julia Slope, recruiter at Avia Solutions Group

… or a model from a New York based firm ?

Indrė Kriauklevičiūtė, Recruiter at Aviationcv.com

… or a model on a wallpaper ? What about…

Viktorija Miliute, Recruiter at Aviationcv.com

… clearly Emma MacLaren, model for Burberry, Elle, Glamour, Vogue. Still in denial ?

The Avia Deception Group

Well, we have bigger fish to fry. Either successful models are extremely playful, or someone somewhere understood 96% of pro pilots are male ! Mr Linas Dovydenas might want to check on the tooth fairy, this one is up to no good :

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